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Casa VerbaVolant has three bedrooms with private bathrooms. Each is dedicated to a typewriter and a writer who used it. Inside you will find a working typewriter and a small selection of books in different languages.

Our entire project revolves around books. The holiday we imagine for you is one of total relaxation and immersion in reading and city life; for this reason you will not find a TV in the rooms.In any case, if you request it, we will provide you with a 32" one free of charge.

Hermes room

The Hermes room is dedicated to the historical Swiss typewriters and the English author Douglas Adams, who used one of these typewriters for its writing activity between the seventies and the nineties.

Olivetti room

The Olivetti room is dedicated to the historical typewriter factory of Ivrea. We chose Italo Calvino to represent it: one of the most important Italian writers of the mid-twentieth century. He was a prolific author of essays, short stories, novels and novellas.

Triumph room

The Triumph room is dedicated to historical German typewriters and the British journalist and writer Ian Fleming. He used one of these machines in his estate in Jamaica, nicknamed “Goldeneye”, where he used to write all of his novels. He is obviously best known for having brought to life James Bond in 1953 with his series of spy novels.