Casa VerbaVolant


The idea

VerbaVolant opens its House. Where? In Syracuse and, more precisely, on the island of Ortigia. What is Casa VerbaVolant: yet another literary b&b? No, it’s so much more. Let’s start from the beginning. Casa VerbaVolant is situated in a five-storey building dating back to the 18th century in Via Landolina, a stone’s throw from Piazza del Duomo (Cathedral square). It includes apartments, rooms, a library, an area dedicate to exhibitions and one for cultural activities. Hence, a multifunctional space combining antique and modern features, with literature as common denominator. The apartments and rooms are dedicated to typewriters and the authors that used them: vintage Olivetti, Remington, Hermes and Triumph typewriters are located in each of the rooms. Additionally, several other ones can be found in the common areas and are available for use by all guests, who may type messages, thoughts or – why not – even their first novel! The pieces of furniture are also themed, with one eye on the past and the other to the present. The library features a wide range of novels and comic books for all ages, while the meeting room is an open space, which can be also used by the city, suitable for workshops, presentations and events. You are free to decide where and how long you wish to stay at Casa VerbaVolant whether is it only for a few days or more than a month. We – Fausta and Elio – will be glad to welcome you in our little corner of the world and share our passion for books. This love blossomed many years ago reinvigorates every day with our publications and is now further blooming thanks to this new project, which is closely tied to the history and culture of Syracuse and Ortigia. We look forward to show you its magnificence and make you feel at home with us… at Home.

The rooms

Casa VerbaVolant features three rooms with en-suite bathroom, and a suite. Each one is dedicated to a typewriter and a writer that used it. You’ll find a working typewriter and a small choice of books in different languages. Our entire project revolves around books. The idea of holiday we have for you is total relax and immerse yourself in reading and into the city’s life. That’s why there won’t be TV’s in the rooms. However, if you wish to have one, we’ll be happy to provide a 32-inch TV.

Casa VerbaVolant, camera Triumph

Casa VerbaVolant. Camera Hermes

The apartments

Casa VerbaVolant consists of four apartments featuring different sizes, which are dedicated to famous typography fonts. Each apartment comes with kitchenette equipped with microwave, pots and dishware, coffee machine, a small private library and a corner with typewriter.

Casa VerbaVolant, appartamento Bodoni

Casa VerbaVolant, appartamento Garamond

Front Title

This is the content for the front of your Card. You can put anything you like here! Make sure it's something not too long though. As Shakespeare once said, “Brevity is the soul of wit.”

The heart of Casa VerbaVolant, located on the fourth floor of the building, is represented by the common areas, the library and the Continental room, where you can read, play, have breakfast, attend an event or visit a small exhibition.

The library

Casa verbavolant, biblioteca

The Continental hall

Casa verbaVolant, zona comune

scheduled events

Casa verbaVolant, eventi

Where we are

Front Title

This is the content for the front of your Card. You can put anything you like here! Make sure it's something not too long though. As Shakespeare once said, “Brevity is the soul of wit.”

Casa VerbaVolant is open to everyone, tourists and residents: we immediately imagined it as a lively place full of initiatives. There are thematic workshops of writing, illustration, printing, workshops for adults and children, reading groups, readings and meetings with authors thanks to the collaboration of bookshops, artists and cultural operators.

We have also set up a small exhibition space that houses exhibitions of paintings, photos and illustrations.