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The Hermes room is dedicated to the historical Swiss typewriters and the English author Douglas Adams, who used one of these typewriters for its writing activity between the seventies and the nineties.
He became famous with “The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy”, a novel originated from the radio series of the same name, but is also well-known for the series of books dedicated to Dirk Gently and Doctor Who.

Here you’ll find a selection of his works in different languages, as well as a Hermes Media 3. Feel free to use it during your stay and write your friends a letter or, why not, your first novel!


The room measures around 18 sq m and comes with a double bed, en-suite bathroom with shower and air-conditioning. It is the most romantic room of Casa VerbaVolant: from the balcony, there is a stunning view over the “Collegio dei Gesuiti” church and the picturesque Porto Grande.